Welcome to New Jersey Drapery Services - Cubicle Curtains and Shower Curtains Guaranteed low prices

Welcome to New Jersey Drapery Services!

Cleaning Services:
The only drapery cleaning service that operates night shifts to provide our clients fast turn around, as little as 12 hours. For your convenience we provide on-site as well as in plant cleaning and flame proofing.

Drapery Replacements:
We are manufacturers of draperies and soft window covering for over 85years. We are wholesale dealers for top brand names like Hunter-Douglas, Mecho, Draper and Bali Blinds. So when you deal with us, you have the benefit of getting wholesale prices.

Excellence is our goal:
Our employees are trained to provide to our customers absolutely positively flawless service. How could you go wrong?

Flame Proofing:
For your safety and compliance with local fire codes, we provide flame proofing services. Our technicians are trained and certified by the City of NewYork. Our certifications are accepted by the Fire Marshals of all the localities in New Jersey and New York.